‘Tempus’ is rich with the top tier musicianship that Skerryvore are renowned for, as well as an increasingly diverse musical palette. They’ve taken a rip-it-up-and-start-again approach to genre, blending anthemic highs, strident rock, stadium-ceilidh thrills and subtle dance beats into a sound that instantly transports the listener to a famously good-time Skerryvore gig. And while the record is predominantly a homegrown collection, it was completed with mastering courtesy of the 21-time Grammy Award winner Howie Weinberg (U2, Nirvana, PJ Harvey).


In essence, ‘Tempus’ is Skerryvore on a grander scale: the productions are bigger and more textured, its choruses are more skybound, and its lyrics are more universal. Equally, however, if you fell in love with the band throughout their rise to date –  six studio albums, a live record and a ‘best of’ collection celebrating their first decade together – ‘Tempus’ remains a very organic next step. 


1. Eye Of The Storm

2. You & I

3. Everything You Need

4. Vancouver Island

5. Another World

6. Emergence

7. Your Love

8. Good Times Never Die

9. Legends Of The Sun

10. Together Again

11. Gun Fhios

12. The Beasts Of Bone Lake



I remember what you told me when

I was just a boy and everything was innocent

Dreaming of adventure from these bedroom walls

Just another small-town boy, scared to make the leap

Chasing after love and on a Friday night

Learning that a broken heart is always gonna hurt

When you’re young it passes quickly and the lessons learned

Teach you what a true heart and true love are really worth


Into the unknown

Falling through the sky

Chasing down the dream

Looking in the eye of the storm

Whoa oh oh oh 

Into the unknown 

Facing all you fear

Everything you want is in 

The eye of the storm 

Whoa oh oh oh 


Now we’re older and we know so much

But I can’t ignore the lessons that I’ve yet to live

Treasure every moment that you get

You don’t know when life might just get up and leave

Take another chance run a little faster

Question everything ‘til you get the answer

Anything worthwhile won’t come with ease

Give it all you’ve got and who could ask for more

Don’t you know that you’re the only one you need to please


As the city lights go down

And the Amber fills the sky

It’s only you and I

Just another night in this old town

And we walked without a care

Through the streets we knew so well

It’s only you and I

And the sweetness of the summer air


You and I

We held each other tight

Time will take its toll

But I’ll never let you go

Your love is like a high

You and I

Our love can never die

Together as we grow

I’ll always let you know

You’re my reason why


The memories that we share

Can never be erased

And echo in the heart

Always felt

Forever there

And we’ll walk without a care

Through whatever comes our way

Together you and I

We can make it anywhere


You say

Ohhhh ohhhhh

Ohhh oh ohhh ohhh

Oh ohhh ohhh

Oh ohhh ohhh

Ohhhh ohhh

Ohhh oh ohhh ohhh

Oh ohh ohh

Ohh ohh ohhh


You and I

We held each other tight

Time will take its toll

But I’ll never let you go

Your love is like a high

You and I

Our love can never die

Together as we grow

I’ll always let you know

You’re my reason why


Life can throw you in a tricky situation

Pull the rug and leave you on your back 

Steal your thunder and leave you with a rainstorm

Clawing to fight back 

Tired of feeling like there’s always something better

Tiny dreams and wasting hours away

Chasing colours but it’s only an illusion 

The rainbow’s always grey


You know it’s hard sometimes just to get what you need

And there’s something in the darkness

Even when you don’t believe it

Time will bring you everything you need

It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright

It’s hard sometimes when you struggle to see

Destiny is calling and will surely set you free and

Time will bring you everything you need


Something’s missing as you’re looking in the mirror

Echoed voices from the other side

Growing louder as they push you in the corner 

Hope begins to slide

But something’s burning if you dig a little deeper

Through the haze in the eye of your mind 

Luck is only what you make it, don’t mistake it 

Leave the darkness behind 


This is something magic

I’ve got you running through my veins

The universe is erratic 

But I’m with you and the stars align

We’ve got something special

Take me where you go 

We don’t need to plan it

Come on let’s go

I’m feeling alive let’s see it through

Alive, I’m alive 

Anywhere you go I’m coming too

Your love is cinematic 

Beautiful moments, visions of you 


Take me to another world 

racing through the stars and we’ll never let go, yeah

take me to another world

anything can happen when your dreams unfold

take me to another world

soaring the cosmic

into the heavens

take me to another world, to another world


You know I can’t believe it

I can’t believe that I’m with you 

Your energy is electric

I feel the power rushing through

Take me even higher

Floating around, into the blue

Si vis amari ama

I see the light inside of you 

Alright, it’s alright

Anywhere you go I’m coming too

Your love is systematic 

Everlasting, precious and true 


When I look back on our younger years

I see the truth in your eyes & your beautiful face

Every word had me hypnotized

With your lyrical rhyme and your turn of phrase

And as we sailed along Broadway

Through the murmur and the babble and the crown

I knew I’d cherish you always

Until the end of all days


Cos your love

Your love lifts me even higher

Higher, higher oh

And your love

Lifts me even higher, higher oh


And through the years though we’ve had our doubts

You’re still the only one I wouldn’t be without

You bring the sweetest of memories

You’re the joy in every song that I dream about

I hope our time passes slowly 

And we can treasure every moment that we share

And when the night brings the darkness

You’ll know I’m always right there


Precious are the moments

That pass before our eyes

A fleeting glimpse of sunrise

The turning of the tides

We sat there all together

Beneath a lucid sky

Sharing in our memories

Of every day gone by


Good times never die

Don’t let them fade away

Love inside a memory

Is always there to stay 

Good times never die

Don’t let them fade away

Love inside a memory

Is always there to stay 

Precious are the moments

And every word you said

Showed a little vision of

The dreams inside your head


Hope is the future

It’s hard to see sometimes

But every day that led us here

They’re always yours and mine 


Hey, how you doing how’s life been treating you?

It’s been so long since we’ve all been together now

And I know, we took it all for granted

The sweetest love is always there for you


Ohh ohhh ohh ohh

Ohh ohhh love is the sweetest thing

Ohh ohhh ohh ohh

Ohh ohhh the sweetest thing


I’ll be back with you some day

And life will move on like we were never away

It’s been real tough but we’re making it up

Together, together, together again


Hey, how you doing, has the world brought you something new?

A little light casting shadows away from you

Even though, we took it all for granted

The sweetest love is, always there for you