Opening at full throttle with that big emphatic sound of thundering drums and pipes, as rich as a Scottish single malt, it lays down the gauntlet for this captivating album that for 45 minutes draws you into another world that is vibrant and emotive in equal measures.


1. The Exorcists

2. At The End Of The Line

3. Live Forever

4. Mile High

5. Hold On

6. Trip To Modera

7. Take My Hand

8. Borderline

9. Waiting On The Sun

10. Soraidh Slàn

11. The Rise



Too many miles to remember the smell of the air

This place is all good but nothing can ever compare

The sun burns my skin as it pierces cerulean skies

I love this place but it’s only a thin disguise



Is wherever your people are

You’re alive with the people you love


Wherever you wander

Is waiting for you

At the end on the line


4,000 miles in the sky ‘til the wheels hit the ground

just 7 miles more on the road ‘til I’m through the front door

It wouldn’t be right if the rain wasn’t drowning the stones

But I’m used to that and for sure I’m just glad to be home


Sun goes down, darkness falls

Trapped with my thoughts in these four walls

Trying to make some sense of it all

But I’m getting nowhere

Dying to see what’s in your heart

Trying not to be what’s keeping us apart

You see the light

While I’m stuck here in the dark


And then you said

We can’t stay like this and

And then you said

We’re just not the same

Is it useless, for me to wish that there was just nothing in our way?


Everybody wants to live this life forever, forever

If there is somewhere else are we going there together? Together

Everybody wants to live this life forever, forever

If there is somewhere else are we going there together? Together


If I just hope and you just pray

Could things work out between us some day?

It doesn’t feel right to be giving up

I can’t stop, I want to fight

Always thinking that we might

Find the path that only you can see


As I walk these streets alone

I think of you I think of home

It seems our younger years

Were filled with fewer tears

What it takes to carry on

Is something brave, something strong

Embrace the road ahead

That’s what he’d have said


Hold on, look into your heart

I can take the weight from your shoulders

Hold on, look into your heart

I won’t leave your side ‘til it’s over


Laughter always pulls us through

And we’re just like him, me and you

And though the road is long

That spirit carries on

We learned of kindness and of grace

The many things we should embrace

Keep that with you now

Push ahead somehow


Here we both stand

The moon and the stars light the dancefloor

All that we need

Is here in the still of the night

All of the words

Could never describe the wonder

The feeling of peace

When everything is just right

Here we both stand

Longing to hold one another

Never to end

Wrapped in the sweet summer air

Wishing that we

Could stay in this moment forever

Into the night

Young, pure and free


Take my hand

And we’ll go dancing

Underneath the stars

On a beach that’s only ours

Take my hand

And we’ll go dancing

In the shadow of the moon

Take my hand, take my hand


When we were young

The summer would seem so long

And we’d sing our favourite song

We heard it on the radio

It was long ago

An endless light

And laughter until the dawn

A time when our dreams were born

Paved the way for all we have

And all we need


A summer sky

Its beauty was no surprise

Our love was in your eyes

I knew at once when you looked at me

You were all I could see

A slow dance

As you placed your hand in mine

There was never a better time

Moving to this ancient

Haunting melody


I dont know where to begin.

I dont know how to start over.

I dont know where I was til I found you.

And I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

I can’t believe what I’m feeling but I know

That I don’t ever want it to go away.


Coz when I’m standing on the Border Line,

I realise that my life’s not a waste of time as I’m standing on the Border Line with you.

Standing on the Border Line with you (x3)


And I know I was different before.

I had a mouth that would never let me speak

But that all changed every time I saw you smiling.

And then I take a different direction.

I take a look at my own reflection.

I just realised I’m my own worst enemy.


Coz when I’m standing on the Border Line, I look around and everything feels right as I’m standing on the Border Line with you


And if wait forever to find someone like you. (x2)

To find someone like you.


365 and a quarter until we start this thing anew

I’ll be ready for some changes

I’ll be waiting to breakthrough

Chasing down a dream

Like a storm in the Western sky

Unyielding in it’s power

Unwilling to subside


And I’m waiting on the sun

Waiting for a good time

Looking to the sky

Searching for what’s mine

Waiting on a sunny day to come my way

Running through the fields

Into the moonlight

Tell me how it feels when everything’s just right

Waiting on a sunny day to come my way


Heavy, strong and steady

Unbroken I will stay

As a river joins the ocean

I will find my way

Through the darkest night time

Until the dawn of day

Waiting ever ready

For what’s to come my way