Inspired by sun-filled summers spent on Tiree that were the springboard for the band forming, Chasing The Sun is the fifth and arguably most mature sounding Skerryvore album.


1. Can You Hear Us?

2.  The Rut

3. We Can Run

4. You Dont Know

5. Blown Away

6. You Were My Friend

7.  Oblique Blend

8. Here I Am

9. By Your Side

10. Moonraker

11. Walk With Me

12. Watchtower

13. Blown Away (Acoustic)



Come together one and all
Stand together, stand tall
Try to find the strength that lies
Deep within your heart
There will be an answer rising from the dark

Take your chances, take them all
The battle can be won but a few must fall
Separate the truth from all
The lies that have been thrown
Show the world your face
You are not alone

Cos’ i wanna know
Will you listen to us now? Can you hear us?
Can you hear us shout?
I wanna know
That you really understand
That you’ve truly got it figured out
Yes i wanna know
Will you listen to us now?

Find your voice and shout it out
A little louder, no doubt
Make them listen, make them know
Plant the seed, let it grow

Speak your mind, play the game
Save the future, spark the flame
Take the jump, bridge the gap
No regrets, no looking back


Yes i know where we’re going
And i know where we’ve been
There are so many things we’re not knowing
Let’s discover while we can

We’ve been a little trapped like a root in the ground
A little bit lost on the road
Now we have found that we’re out of the rut
Let’s do this while we can

Cos we can run, fast, climb a little higher
We can soar to the top, they’ll never get us down
We can run, free, set the world on fire
Lets do this while we can

We’ve come a long way since we’ve been on our own
Further than we thought that we could
Proved to the world that we’ve got what it takes
I guess you knew we would

Getting better every day
Crashing all the borders on our way
And when we cross the line we’ll know we never let our world decay
And we can say….

We’re gonna run, fast, climb a little higher…….


The time has come they said
Make your bed they said
Its your time to lie in it
Are you alive or are you dead?

Do you lead or are you lead?
Who puts the thoughts inside your head?
Cos you’re not a robot
You have a heart

And i said yes, no, you don’t know
Trying to make your mind up
Which way are you gonna go?
Yes, no, you don’t know
Sitting on the fence and waiting
Endless days of contemplating

Look inside the eye
Of your mind to find
That you know your own way
No matter what they say

Are you the needle or the thread?
Are you green or are you red?
You’re not a robot
You have a heart

Round and round and round we go
The question stays the same
At least you have a choice
At least you’re in the game
Round and round and round we go
Miss another calling
You don’t know what you had until it fades away


I never truly realised
The wonder of this place
My love was reignited
What a beautiful light
What a lovely pace

The blackened yellow sandstone
Like the lines on an ancient face
Each one tells a story
They all add to the soul of this place

Blown away…
Oh yes i’m blown away
Blown away….
Oh yes i’m blown away

Your brazen front belies
Your knowing wrong from right
Those who know you well
Know that your bark’s worse than your bite

This place became my home
This city full of life
Rough around the edges
Carved with a pocket knife


You were my friend
But now you are gone
Your laughter lives on
In our hearts
And this is your song

Cos you were my friend
But now you are gone
I hope you find peace
A place to live on
We were the ones
Who’d laugh until we cried
I’ll never forget you my friend
You’re remembered with pride

The times that we had
Seem so long ago
But some of the best
That we’ve known
And we miss you so


Here we go again
I’ll try to stop you going under
without stepping on your toes
stealing all your thunder
I give you all my time
I give you all my patience
finding the escape
from a tricky situation

It takes a lot of strength
to keep your head above the water
and I’m doing all I can
to stop the rain from coming down
I’ll try to save the day
from tumbling to disaster
if you’re running out of time
I’ll run a little faster

Here I am, to the rescue
I’ve come to get you
Here I am
Yeah…….to the rescue
I’ve come to get you
Here I am

Have a little faith
I know what I’m doing
have a little trust
in what I have to say


I know you want somewhere to run to

I know you want somewhere to hide

You’re just looking for some comfort

Someone to stand by your side

And i won’t blame you for your actions

I’m not here to criticize

I want to be the one who helps you

The one in whom you can confide

You don’t let it show

But i can still see

You try to let go but you’re needing me

I don’t understand

Sometimes how you feel

Show me the door

Give me the key

You don’t need to keep pretending

You don’t need to try to hide

I’ll lead the way if you just let me

I’ll be the one right by your side


Walk with me i’ll share the strain
Walk with me, feel no shame
Together we can make a change
You should be proud of what you became

Walk with me and have no doubt
Here’s what i am talking about
Life woul d be a duller game
If each one of us were all the same

Walk with me and show no hate
Bite your tongue don’t take the bait
Make the world a better place
It never is too little or too late

Let it be known
That your true colours should be shown
Each to their own
We’re not carved from the same stone